Fire Door Installations Sydney

How Do They Do Fire Door Installations Sydney?

Fire Door Installations Sydney is one of several components that make up a fire door. Other essential components are the door leaf, hinges and in tumescent fire seals. Depending on the fire door’s intended use a self-closing device, lock, latch, smoke seals, signage and door furniture may also be essential. The performance of a fire door is dependent on the performance of all of the components working together. Therefore it is not possible to achieve fire performance just by fitting one fire rated component in isolation. A fire door leaf fitted in an unsuitable door frame is not a fire door, as an existing door frame may not have been intended or designed to provide any fire separation performance at all.

Fire Door Installations Sydney

Nowadays it is easy to purchase certificated fire door frames and these will carry a label to identify the applicable fire rating.

We are an Australian Owned Business established in 2016.  We are fully accredited installers with a focus on no fuss, efficient, and high-quality results. We pride ourselves on being reliable and timely from the first appointment through to final completion.

Our team is comprised of professionally trained technicians, each with substantial industry experience. Lockout Fire Door Frames has left its reputable mark on major building corporations such as:

  • Alliance
  • Buildcorp
  • Favetti
  • John Holland
  • Northwest Connect Train Line

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