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Lockout Group are accredited specialists in installing metal fire door frames and grout filling. Our installation technicians are fully qualified to meet FPA standards and residential codes. Every project we undertake assures you the utmost in quality, service and customer satisfaction.


Our work is conducted by experienced metal fire door frame installers, ready to deliver a reliable and high quality project within a timely manner.

Grout Filling

We utilise a customised cement-based mixture formulated specifically for fire rating applications. Our compound provides six hours of fire resistance.


FPA Standards

FPA Australia supports and represents accredited and competent practitioners working across all disciplines of the fire protection, building and construction industry.

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"Professionalism, punctuality, attentiveness"

“Mahmoud’s professionalism, punctuality, attentiveness and commitment to maintaining a strong work ethic is where we knew his services were required on our job sites. His efficiency and quality of work leaves us with no hesitation in recommending him for future projects”

Mary Venakis, Office Manager
Brobrik Masonry Contractors